Were you here a year or two back? If you were, you probably gotta read his entire post and if this is your first visit here, you can simply bookmark the site and check it again after a day or two. There’s nothing interesting to read yet.

So I’ve started and stopped this website innumerable times after I registered it.

Phase 1 ~ The day I registered this domain I thought to keep it in reserve until I think of something worthwhile. But then you know the excitement after registering a new domain name. I started the site the very next day. I don’t know how many articles I published, since I don’t remember the exact count, let’s consider it zero. And after a month or two I took the site down.

Phase 2 ~ Around a year and half back my income through blogging suddenly rose and I was easily able to pocket hundred dollars every day. It continued for a year. I got inspired from myself and decided to launch a make money online blog. I already had a blogging tips blog (BloggingJunction.com if you remember) but I always wanted to share money making tips and I had to re-launch this blog. I wrote one article -> went blank (writer’s block is what they call it I guess) -> Website remained non-updated for months -> I took it down!

Phase 3 ~ It has just started so I’ve lot to write about, umm lot of rubbish to write about! I sometimes wonder, out of all those sperms why did this one win? Why am I confused about everything? Even to take simple decisions like buying a tee I think a lot. Only after analyzing each brand, each tee on offer I decide something. No one knows this except for my mom and my friends. Anyways let’s not go off-topic. Yesterday I felt like having another blog to share blog tips, may be because BloggingJunction was no longer functioning the way it earlier used to. From more than 3k visitors a day to less than three hundred visitors a day, I and my child BloggingJunction have seen it all. I don’t call myself a professional blogger just because I’ve been blogging since 2008, but I think I really can share some tips which can help you be a better blogger. I’ll go by my tagline. I’ll share whatever I come across in my blogging journey. Since I’ve already been a blogger for more than 5 years now, there’s a lot I’ve learned. You can expect something here next week or so.

And yes it’s a no-nonsense blog. Though I plan to share blog tips here, it’d soon be flooded with politics, f’s, BC’s and more 😉 But yes it’s a no-nonsense blog. The posts here won’t comprise of “Getting approved for Adsense” or “Increasing your PageRank” but they’ll instead be like “How I took my PageRank from a to b”. Get it? Yes, I mean I’ll be focusing on case studies more than anything else.

What I expect from you?

Since there’s not much to read on this blog yet (there’s nothing in fact) I won’t ask you to share or tweet or like, but I’d instead ask you to bookmark it so that whenever you get a few minutes to waste you can be here (we’ll waste the time together) 😉

Well that’s it for now, I’ve already reached 500 words and I am too bored to write more. Bye!